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Currently Restoring: 1944 Type 82 VW-Kubelwagen

For the true VW-Kubelwagen purist, to obtain an unrestored example is a rare and golden opportunity on several levels. Of the few surviving originals almost all survivors have been found and restored. The problem is though, that many have been restored over the years with many incorrect details. These problems range from choice of parts and colors, reproduction parts, poor made reproduction or homemade parts and/or poor quality workmanship. When purchasing a fully restored example, it can be very difficult to verify what is and what is not correct or original. Correcting these issues can be very expensive and extremely time consuming.


This survivor, a (3-Sitzer) 3-seater produced in July of 1944. The locking tabs for a pad lock on the right rear door (still present) are proof positive that this one was a 3-Seater. Further proof is also the four oval holes found on the rear stowage area drain cill (see photos). These holes were for bolting the Zusatzkasten (stowage box) that sits in place of the entire right side rear seat. Access to the box was via the right rear door. This door thus had an added vertical frame member (see photo) that sealed against the box. 3-Seaters were used for a number of purposes ranging from radio and signal laying, to war reporting, maintenance and medical vehicles. 


This one is starting from ground zero in "as found" condition and  is very original! This allows the authenticity to be controlled from step one. This Kubel is now undergoing a full restoration by The War Front. The wartime production series of this 1944 Kubel has been thoroughly researched and will be absolutely correct in every original detail and color. We will utilize only the best of reproduction parts where and only when needed. When complete it will be worth over $55,000 USD. This Type 82 Kubelwagen can be purchased prior to completion for a negotiated price reflective of the current level of restoration. Incredibly we have a photo of this very Kubel that was taken in 1961 (see photo).  

The originals details that remain on this Kubel are:

  • Complete Body

  • All Foor Doors

  • Spare Tire Hump

  • Windshield Frame

  • Head Lights (Bosch 135mm lenses)

  • Both Securing Wing Nuts on Windshield Frame

  • Fuel Tank and Cap

  • Rear stowage Compartment Lid

  • Motor Compartment Lid

  • Front & Rear Tow Hooks

  • Both Rear Tow Hook Rings

  • All four Door Locks

  • Several Door Handles

  • Both Mounting Studs For the Rear Seat back

  • Both Stowage Tabs for the Side Window

  • Rear Cross Member

  • Top Bows

  • Top Bow Locks

  • Documents Stowage Box

  • Verbandkasten (First Aid Box) Stowage Box

  • Rear Air Scoop

  • D Rings On Air Scoop

  • Rear Cross Member

  • Transmission Cover Plate

  • Battery Heater Tube

  • Chassis

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