Consignment & Appraisal of Antique Militaria

Appraisal Fees

- $20.00 per item. We will provide you with a description and purpose, the era it was used & an estimated value. Large estates, contact us for an estimate.

- Price of research and appraisal is waived if the item is consigned with us or purchased.

Let Us Manage Your Estate or Collection of a Loved One.

Don't let estate brokers or pawn shops give you pennies on the dollars on the military collection or belongings of your loved one. We specialize in militaria and will get you the money you deserve, whether by consigning or generating events to showcase your collection to our broad network of contacts and clients. For those with a substantial collection, there is no better way to part with your items and guarantee that they will be treated with the dignity and value they deserve. Whether it's a footlocker full of items or a lifetime of collecting, our contracts and fees vary based on your specific needs. Contact us using the form below or call us in Seattle or Portland today.

Got Something to Appraise or Consign Now? Make an Appointment with us Today!

We are always looking for interesting and exciting items! We welcome militaria from every military conflict, every country and any branch! We are particularly interested in things like:

- WWII Military Uniforms of size 38 or larger, hats, shoes, jacket & pants, undergarments (German, American, Japanese, British)

- Knifes, daggers, swords, bayonets.

- Tents, field desks, footlockers, mess gear, military lanterns.

- Military vehicles, especially WWII (German or American)

- Sweetheart jewelry, military watches, medals and wings.

- Military and antique firearms, holsters, slings, captured papers.

- Military posters, documents, photos, WWII and earlier, trench art.

- Field gear Vietnam and earlier in good condition. (belts, harnesses, parachutes, blankets, binoculars, bags, helmets, compass, canteens and mess kits)

- Female uniforms, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, parent organisations of the military. 

- and more! Bring it in and we will take a look! 

Portland residents can call us at 971-300-1900 and Seattle area residents at 425-553-5400 or email us using the form below to get the process started and get some money for your military antiques today! We will contact you within 72 hours to schedule an appointment.

The War Front is proud to offer its Portland OR & Seattle WA area customers consignment and appraisal of militaria. Not sure of the true value of your item? Stumbled upon an old trunk in the attic? We can do the research and give you a fair market estimate and consign your items to place them with a collector or enthusiast who will cherish them for the years to come. 

Appraisals can be performed in person ONLY by appointment. You do not have to consign the item with us but if you wish to do so, the appraisal fee is then waived. In return you are insured that:

- Your item will be stored with us properly and safely.

- No hassling with Craigslist, frustrating shipping experiences or Ebay fees for you to worry about.

- Take advantage of over 40 years combined of knowledge in militaria.

- Benefit from our huge network of collectors and buyers. 

- You set your own final value. We will make a recommendation, you make the final decision.

- No piles of uniforms or dirty dusty shelves! Our store is a clean establishment and we will treat your heirloom with the dignity it deserves. 

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